Thursday, August 4, 2016

First Day of Pre-1st and 2nd Grade

On the way to school
Outside Weston's class
James looking up to his big brothers
Connor talking to Mrs. Aguirre
Connor the Busy Bee at work
James working hard in Connor's class, too
James doing a puppet show with a horse
Connor and his buddy Rivers
Connor, Rivers, and Will
Connor laughing at Mrs. Aguirre
Getting ready for school

All set for a great year
Connor-bug so excited to go to "big school"

     Connor and Weston both had great first days of school!  Weston went to Miss Smith's 2nd grade class (the Superheroes) and Connor went to Mrs. Aguirre's Pre-1st class (the Beehives). On the first day, Miss Smith led the class in a song about being Superheroes.  On the second day of 2nd grade, I heard that "Miss Smith knows how to speak British."  She sounds like a really fun teacher! 
     Connor came home from his first day talking all about a little girl named BoAnn Baxter.  She's a cute little blonde that sat next to him on the front row.  Connor also got to sit by his buddy Tillman.  Connor reported that he got lots of stars on his first day, and he even earned free time.  Mrs. Aguirre was really sweet and great with the kids.   

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Weston's 8th Birthday

Boys playing in the playroom
John David, Connor, Weston, and Dawson
Hannah and Mimi
Eating burgers and drinking lots of Dr. Pepper
About to open presents
A Spy Gear door alarm from Connor
Book set, money, and Battleship from Mimi and Grandy
Star Wars Millennium Falcon Lego set from Mom and Dad
Skillet Cookie dough about to go in the oven
John David, Weston, and Dawson ready to dig in
Three boys in a tent
Weston watching a movie

     Weston decided he wanted to have a family party, plus two friends, to celebrate his big eighth birthday.  He planned the whole thing: swimming at Mimi and Grandy's, followed by grilling out burgers, then eating skillet cookie cake topped with ice cream.  We surprised him and told him that his friends were also invited to spend the night.  He picked a school friend and a neighbor as his two friends to invite.  In the pool, the boys squirted waterguns at each other and even had a Homerun Derby with foam baseballs and a foam bat.  John David and Weston went head to head in the championship round. 

     After swimming, we came back to our house, where the boys played downstairs while we grilled burgers.  Weston opened gifts while we waited on the skillet cookie to bake.  He was very excited about the Millennium Falcon Lego set we gave him--all 1100 pieces!!  After dinner, the boys got in the tent in our playroom and watched a movie.  It finally got quiet around 11 pm, and all three boys were fast asleep.  It was a great party and time with friends. 

     The next day, Weston's birthday money was burning a hole in his pocket, so we took him to spend some of it at Academy Sports.  He got some baseballs for himself, a bouncing ball for Connor, and a kickball for James.  Everyone left happy, and I was so proud of Weston for sharing what he had with his brothers.  I realized then how much he has grown up in the past year. 

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Sandlot Legends Orange 7U Finish Strong

Clapping for teammates

Weston getting his gold championship ring

State champions

On top of the world

Tough guys

It's official

Daddy and Weston

The dugout helper, a coach, and a champion

Weston and his buddy Luke

So proud of this guy

Great finish for a great group of guys

We're #1 in the nation in our division
We are so proud of our Sandlot Orange boys. They finished strong and won the state championship!! And to think, we only won 1 game in the Fall season vs. the Oxford Rebels.  Spring season, however, brought more than we imagined.  These boys worked so hard, practiced long hours, and became a good team along the way.  We thoroughly enjoyed our first year of travel ball.  Even with four kids in tow, it proved to be lots of fun family time away from home.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

First Big Tournament Win

Sandlot Legends Orange 7U

Weston and Daddy excited after a big win

Connor and Weston wearing their new shades

Too cool

Lining up on the field after the win

Tournament champions in New Albany

Weston and his trophy

Team Trophy Pic

Legends on the Field
We finally won our first tournament.  We finished second place in two tournaments this Spring, but this victory feels a little sweeter!  Fourteen teams went head to head in New Albany this weekend, most were AA division, and we came out on top.  We won five games in a row!  In the championship game, we beat Kenny's Cardinals by one point. Now, on to State Tournament next weekend!!