Friday, December 30, 2016

Christmas 2016

Hannah and Connor ready to bake Christmas cookies
Presents under the tree on Christmas Eve
Caught Mr. Branzo looking at baby Jesus
Weston and James chatting about Christmas presents
Hannah in her Christmas outfit Mimi bought for her
Mimi and Grandy with their hands full
Mimi and the Hannah-Doll
Will and me
James's face of pure Christmas joy
Grandy, Hannah, and Mimi watching everyone open presents
Connor-bug and Mimi
Grandy, Mimi, and Polly
Daddy showing Hannah her gifts
Hannah in her Cinderella dress
Cinderella sitting on the trampoline boxes
Happy boys with the Xbox
Jolly James with his new "backum"
Hannah and her new kitchen
Happy Birthday Jesus
Connor (6), James (3), Hannah (18 months), and Weston (8)
Connor opening his Adventure Bible
Hannah sitting in her new stroller
James taking her for a ride around the kitchen
     Daddy made it home from two months of training in Dallas, just in time for Christmas--three days before Christmas Eve.  In that short time, we were able to bake cookies and finish up shopping for gifts.  On Christmas Eve, we went to church and Mimi and Grandy brought steaks for dinner.  After dinner, everyone opened presents from grandparents and cousins.  The boys got a 15 foot trampoline from Mimi, Grandy, Nana, and Granddaddy. Connor got a remote control helicopter from Nana and Granddaddy.  Weston got a model F-16 to build with Daddy.   James got a cool Nike athletic suit and a remote control truck from Mimi and Grandy.  Hannah got a Cinderella dress, jewelry, and some movies from Nana and Granddaddy.  She also got a pink fairy backpack and monogrammed lunch box from Mimi and Grandy.  Mommy had a really good Christmas, too, because Daddy bought her a new car--a black Yukon XL.  He also bought a nice camera as an early gift. 
     On Christmas morning, Weston and Connor were excited that Santa surprised them with an Xbox One.  James got his very own real vacuum cleaner.  Hannah got a play kitchen and a pots and pans set.  We made chocolate chip muffins, lit a candle, and sang Happy Birthday to Jesus.  Daddy read Luke 2 to everyone at the breakfast table.  After breakfast, we opened gifts and stockings as a family.  We started a new way of giving this year with 5 gifts--something you want (Santa brought these), something you need, something to wear, something to read, and something to give.  Connor chose to give a newborn baby care package through Compassion International.  Weston donated fruit trees through the Samaritans purse catalog.  James gave money to help teach someone to read and write.  Daddy donated a water well to a family.  Mommy helped rescue a young girl in danger, and Hannah provided emergency food to children in need. 
     Daddy left for his first regular flight on Christmas Day at 1:00 in the afternoon.  James was so upset--okay maybe a little mad--that he tore down the playroom Christmas tree.  He said, "I cut that tree down."  Luckily, Daddy returned on the 27th, and he was able to fix the lights on the tree.

Friday, November 25, 2016


 Since Will was back in training for Southwest, we went to Dallas to celebrate Thanksgiving break with him.  I drove the kids to the Little Rock airport to pick up their daddy, and to make the drive to Dallas.  We spent several adventurous days in the Sheraton while Will was in class.  We went to Little Ninjas (Obstacle Warrior Kids) two days to burn a little energy. All the kids had fun there and were tired when we left. We went to eat at The Rustic one night and another night at The Cheesecake Factory.  Will got out of class a little early on the day before Thanksgiving.  He asked me, "Do you want to go home?"  I said, "Yes!!"  So we drove home and arrived in Tupelo at 1 AM.  We shopped for our Thanksgiving meal at Walmart at noon on Thanksgiving day.  There were not many people there.  We celebrated at home, all together, and it was so nice.  Will had to board a plane the next day to get back to work in Dallas.